Your Path To More Growth: Why Employee Focus Is Essential For Your Company!


As a medium-sized company, you want to grow quickly and sustainably simultaneously. Strong employer brands almost automatically attract new and qualified talent. But the image depends crucially on whether your employees feel comfortable in your company. Read how you can pay more attention to your employees and grow into a successful people company thanks to modern HR and also bear in mind that experts like Cultivate Advisors for example can help in your business growth.

With A Positive Employer Image To More Growth

As a medium-sized company, your image is essential to you. But many medium-sized companies have a hard time with this. However, your employer brand is not defined only by how you present yourself to the outside world, e.g., B. in your job advertisements, your website, or social media. Even with the many new recruiting opportunities, you do not automatically consider that an employee will feel comfortable with you in the long term.

Therefore, do not underestimate how your employees rate your company. Your statements are often much more credible and have a long-term effect on your image. It is not uncommon for the reality of the corporate culture to deviate from the employer’s ideal representation. If employees z. B. already disappointed after the induction period, confronted with stress, overtime, or an unpleasant working atmosphere, the employer must expect frequent employee changes and falling productivity. Inadequate internal communication and a lack of development opportunities are also reasons for dissatisfied employees.

Your Employees In Focus

But how do you act in terms of your employer brand? As a fast-growing company, you should put the employee first. It is your most essential sales factor, and the more employees are satisfied in and with your company, the greater your chances of success.

Therefore, if necessary, change the current situation first and ask your employees what they want and need. Don’t set too rigid a corporate culture. In addition, get regular feedback from your employees so that you can find out immediately if things are not going smoothly. Then you also have the chance to react in good time.

Your Development Into A People Company

Did you know that becoming a people company is a long one for most businesses? Sage states in its market research report:

“Even successful, forward-thinking companies struggle to embrace all aspects of a true people company. In our modern, digital age with a millennial workforce, few companies offer their employees self-service or integrated recruitment and onboarding experience or make data-driven hiring decisions. It’s almost absurd how little companies know about their employees.