Why Switch To USDT Payments?

USD Tether or USDT is a stablecoin with a value that can be secured to real-world assets. It is the 3rd largest digital token by market value released by Tether Limited Company. The cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology and can be used to trade, transfer, spend, or stored in special wallets just like other cryptocurrencies. Unlike the majority of cryptocurrencies, USDT is stable as it is collateral to the US dollar. 

At the end of 2021, stablecoins market capitalization escalated from $5 billion [2019] to $167 billion. Today, USDT tokens represent 6.68% of the $2.49 trillion economies associated with the crypto market. In 2021, stablecoins has experienced a 388% growth. Stablecoins even play a crucial role in allowing decentralized finance [DeFi] activity, which uses smart bonds on blockchains. 

If you are interested in the DeFi protocol then choose Tether stablecoin as you can lend USDT and earn interest. Learn more about USDT and Tether on the ZenGo X platform. You can even get a USDT trading wallet essential to store your stablecoin tokens. 

You can even switch to USDT payments. Here are some good reasons to choose USDT for making payments.

Price stability

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the USDT price is stable and predictable. Multiple crypto exchanges accept Tether as a proxy for fiat. Nevertheless, many businesses have added cryptocurrency to their payment options because the transaction fee is lower in comparison to credit cards. If you are concerned about volatility in cryptocurrencies then choose USDT, it is a safe option.

Transaction time

In traditional banking, the USD deposit & withdrawal process takes 1 to 4 business days. Alternatively, Tether transactions are conducted within minutes. The deposit and withdrawal process is swift and seamless. Users who don’t have access to a banking system can benefit from this. Even users who need transactions completed in minutes and not days can consider USDT.

Transaction fees

On exchanges, transaction fees are high, especially when fiat currency is used. There is an extra fee for conversions and a percentage for transfers. Between tether wallets, the transaction fee is zero, so users choose to invest as well as transact in USDT and avoid the costly charges. Overseas employees or migrant workers, who get paid in crypto don’t have to pay 7% of transaction fees to send money to their family overseas using traditional transmittals. 

International payments

In certain countries, it is costly and challenging to wire cash because of underdeveloped financial systems. USDT gives the user easy access to DeFi ecosystem. USDT payment option removes the hassles of lengthy processes and monies getting stuck. A business that transacts with foreign clients all the time can benefit from USDT payment because it speeds the payout. Besides they can save some funds.


People that don’t have bank accounts can choose stablecoins as their payment method to buy goods. Accessibility and convenience from stablecoins can make a huge impact on instant low-cost payments. 

Just like Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum are popular cryptocurrencies but the three differ in use and function. USDT is a stablecoin and is considered to be the safest cryptocurrency. It is being accepted by financial institutions and businesses around the globe.