Why should you buy Health Insurance?

Receiving praises and appreciation is a symbol of growth and progress. A healthy mind and body achieve better results and provides better output than others. Maintaining consistency and delivering results timely makes you efficient and capable of becoming an asset for the firm. However, suffering from any ailment hampers your work and cost you a fortune.

The thought when you enter a hospital is how light your wallet gets when you leave. But thankfully, Health Insurance ensures you save money for the future and pay the medical bills. The company manages the expenses and needs you to pay an annual fee in monthly instalments.

Why should to buy it?

According to the World Health Organisation report, around 68% of Indians spend their funds on medical expenses from their pockets. Hence, buying Health Insurance Plans for yourself and your family is essential to save money. The earlier you buy, the lower premium you pay. Consider these reasons to understand its importance:

Cashless treatment

All Medical Insurance providers have renowned hospitals under their network. Whenever you enter for treatment, flash your card or give them the policy details by filling a few forms. Only a few can arrange for large sums at short notice. Hence, it is safe to opt for cashless treatment.

Rising medical costs

The number of patients who have cancer and other life-threatening diseases is increasing yearly. Other ailments like diabetes and tuberculosis are also on the rise. The ever-increasing cost of medication and treatment has made a Health Insurance Policy necessary for all families in India.

Free medical checkup

Several General Insurance companies provide free medical checkups to their customers as a complimentary benefit yearly. You get a No Claim Bonus, where the sum insured of your policy increases by a certain amount if you have not claimed it. Additionally, ambulance and hospitalisation charges are other benefits.

Tax benefits

You claim tax benefits for the premiums paid towards Health Insurance in India under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act. Further, if you are above 60 years, you claim a deduction of up to Rs. 25,000 for yourself. For parents above 60 years, there is a further deduction of Rs. 50,000.

Mental peace

Buying a policy after comparing Health Insurance plans in India is a wise decision. It is of great relief, especially when there has been an alarming increase in life-threatening diseases in the past few decades. It saves you and your family during medical emergencies. In your overpacked schedule, you have one thing that offers mental satisfaction and peace.


While buying online Health Insurance, check the add-on covers offered by the company. They help save on additional expenses that your regular plan does not cover. A top-up plan combined with basic insurance provides sufficient coverage with affordable premiums. The extra coverage helps when your health expenses cross the amount your basic plan covers.


Understand the benefits of your insurance. While top-ups cover the expenses of a single hospitalisation, super top-up plans cover the entire year’s expenses over a wide range of illnesses. Other add-ons include riders and defined benefit plans to help reduce your financial burden and pay for medical treatment.

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