While Planning To Move Your Business Use This Checklist

For any kind of business company, if you have to move your business location then it has to be done in a very planned and organized way so that you have a minimum disruption in your work and also the movement takes place in a very smooth and swift manner.

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For all other items, you can use the following checklist, which has been specially prepared for any business movement.

Create a project outline

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Planning is very important to start with. Create the following:

  • Establish a timeline – You must decide your start date and end date.
  • Create a budget – You must allocate a fund for your entire moving expenses.
  • Assign a manager – You need to assign responsibility to a responsible manager.

Choose a space

Next will the selecting your location where you  want to move keeping in view of the following:

  • Growth prospect of your business in the future
  • Whether you will get more customers in a new location?
  • Whether you will get suitable employees in a new location?
  • Whether adequate parking space available?

Select furniture

For a professional business, you will have a suitable office that needs furniture. Keep in mind these points:

  • Outline your needs.
  • Consider your options.

Decide your storage needs

The following are a few tips to know before going for renting any storage facility:

  • Decide exactly what you will need.
  • Do some research and find what best storage facility available.
  • Visit to get first-hand information.

Pack your supplies, furniture, and equipment

Now is the time for real action. You need to start packing all your items in a very planned way. Remember the following few tips during packing:

  • You must label all your boxes so that you can easily identify them at your new location.
  • Sort all important papers and keep them organized and throw unnecessary items in the trash.
  • Avoid chaos and prepare a list of items packed in each box.

Schedule utilities and any other services

Typically, you may have water, telephone, internet, and electricity. The following way you can make a smooth transition:

  • Determine your dates for shut-off and reactivation.
  • Contact your service provider well in advance.
  • Clear up all your balances.
  • Be present during reinstallation.

Contact moving company

Choosing the right company for your movement. The following are a few tips to find a moving company:

  • Ensure the moving company is insured and licensed.
  • Avoid any unrealistic offer.
  • Ask questions if you have any doubt.

Update important information

The following are the list of things to be done:

  • Change phone numbers and address
  • Order for new business cards.
  • Update signage.
  • Change vehicle registration.
  • Update website.

Now you can finally settle down at your new place and start your business and contact your new clients. You will need a little bit of time time to get used to your new place and will also remain busy in hiring your new employees at the new place.