What Should You Know Before Applying for Inventory Financing?

A huge inventory alongside your business is something that can make or even break your cash flow. Hence, small businesses tend to avoid these situations and secure their inventory through financing. This type of financing is a debt-based financing form. In this, the business owners receive a cash flow from the lenders that can be utilized to procure inventories to sell it forward. Though deciding this debt is not an easy one, it should only be undertaken when the businesses cannot meet their supply demands. Taking the debt and slowly repaying it can help small businesses to run out of cash flow mismanagement. Here are a few things you should know before you apply for one:


Inventory financing is neither a secured nor an unsecured loan. It is rather, a self-secure loan. This loan acts as its collateral. However, if no additional collateral is put up on security, the borrowers might have to well secure it. Your credit history, industry, and financial situation will determine the loan and its specifics.


There are a few terms that you need to meet to qualify for inventory financing. They are:

  • You need to be a product-based business.
  • You need to be at least a year old in the business.
  • You need to meet the lender’s minimum requirements that vary.
  • You need to produce a detailed financial history.
  • You need to prove your due diligence before you take loans.


There are various advantages to taking the financing:

  • They have great potential to increase your potential sales volumes and positively impact your turnover.
  • You will have greater flexibility and capability to smoothly increase your product line.
  • You will not be needing any such personal assets to be produced as collaterals.
  • You can always come back after a very low season.
  • Your persistent issues of cash flows will get resolved.


The costs will be depending on your available inventory and the kind of product your lender will be offering. There are also options for you to get the same from some traditional lenders, online lenders, or even a line of credit. But that takes you more interest. So direct financing from a lender will help you sell your inventory.

Accord inventory financing will omit these issues and help you get settled with your financing as soon as possible without any notable hassles.