The Gift of gold – why it is Smarter and more memorable

Gold has a specific value and symbolism that stretch across all cultures and it has extra value as a gift that shows love or affection, admiration or appreciation.

There are 3 essential elements for a successful gift-giving. These extend to occasions where gifts are commonly exchanged like birthdays, weddings, etc. These three elements are insight, generosity as well as emotional impact. Gold responds well on all counts.

When we talk about gold we have to mention the importance of creating wealth, saving money, and thinking about the financial future. For example, when you buy gold bullion as a present for a child it can be seen as a declaration of hope and confidence for the parents. You could give shoes and other essentials that parents need when but gold as a gift says you are thinking about the future of that child. Gold can go into college tuition, car a house – something more substantial.  Although the point of giving and receiving gold is not meant to be rational. Most of the time, it is emotional. You might think that it is better to have cash. But this is only if you are thinking of instant gratification.

Here are some reasons why gold makes the perfect gift:

Emotional Impact: Gold can have an emotional impact. Getting limited edition gold coins for your birthday have more value over time.

Pragmatism: Gold is a practical gift. The recipient can sell it for cash at any time. Gold has always been financially valuable and by extension it affirms the value of relationships. Gold is not only a shiny piece of metal but it is a valuable piece of metal that is practical and useful to own.

Certainty: Sometimes you are faced with the question: What do you give someone who already seems to have everything? The answer is: give them gold. It is one gift that you can be certain will be appreciated by anyone.

Impression: Imagine, for example, giving an American golden eagle as a bonus to each of your employees, perhaps with the note that Says:  “Julius Caesar offered gold coins to each of his soldiers after conquering a new land” could mean more. It is a declaration of success, gratitude, and solidarity.

The Western world and in particular, Australians like adhering to the principle that giving has its own reward. It is better to give than to receive.

In giving precious gold bullion products, you can make it a habit to give a gift that will keep on giving like gold bullion coins. It’s the kind of gift that can keep being useful for generations. The gold you give your children today, can be used to get cash whenever they need money. In the end it works out great for you.

You can choose to buy gold bullion coins like the Canadian Maple leaf coins, American Eagles, Kruggerands, and more. Even if the person isn’t going to get the instant gratification that comes with receiving gold bullion coins. A gift like gold shows a generous spirit. It allows the recipient to get presents that he or she will need right away. Some people will appreciate getting a gift that retains its value, something that will enable them to get what they need when they need it- gold bullion is the best gift to give.