Five Reasons an Aluminum Garage Door Is a Great Addition to Your Garage

Garage doors come in a wide range of styles and materials, but lightweight aluminum has many distinct benefits. Aluminum garage doors can provide your home exterior with a truly modern update. The following are ways these doors can be the best addition to your garage:

They are Durable and Resist Corrosion

Aluminum is a popular material because of its ability to resist rust and corrosion. A well-maintained garage door can last for many years with minimal attention. By investing in a long-lasting aluminum overhead door that can effectively keep out precipitation and debris, you could reduce maintenance costs. The durable door will help protect garage walls from damage and the overhead door components from wear and tear.  Portes Garex can manufacture an aluminum garage door that features the customisation, durability, and operation you expect. 

They are Lightweight

Because aluminum is a lightweight material, an aluminum garage door is easy to install while inflicting less strain on torsion springs, overall structural strength, and opening mechanisms. Also, it makes it easier to open the door during a power outage. The high tensile strength of aluminum allows for great strength without undue heaviness.

They Help Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal 

Usually, aluminum is associated with industrial materials. However, if combined with glass panels and other features, it creates an extraordinary look that easily captures attention. Your garage door tends to take up a third of the façade of your home. And a full-view aluminum garage door can contribute to a modern look that stands out. Ultimately, improved curb appeal can increase the value of your home, helping you recoup most or all of the cost of replacing your garage door when you decide to sell your home after a few years. 

They Come in Different Patterns and Styles

Garage doors make up a significant part of your home’s look. These days, manufacturers of garage doors have developed unique paints and décor options for the material. Aluminum, being a soft material, can be easily embossed or engraved with a range of designs, which means you can find a variety of options that suit the style of your home and your taste. 

They can be Insulated for Improved Efficiency 

While aluminum is highly conductive, it can be added with insulation to prevent heat transfer or cold air intrusion. Also, insulation strengthens the garage door itself. By insulating your garage, you will have a more comfortable and more energy-efficient space. The insulation materials you must use will depend on your location. A professional garage door technician should be able to assist in choosing the best one for your garage.