Everything You Need To Know About Domestic Helper Insurance In Singapore  

If you are a resident of Singapore and even if you are a foreigner residing in Singapore and have PR and you are hiring a domestic helper who is again a foreigner and that for the first time, then it is very important for you to buy Maid insurance in Singapore. You can buy the insurance through a maid agency too. However, the insurance scheme provided by the agency may not be the best one. One of the things that you can do is to go online and look for and compare the best maid insurance policies and then apply for it. It will save you a lot of time and money. Besides that, in a domestic helper insurance, the agency would require you to come and go many times and sign some important documents. Including paying the commissions and intermediary fees.

Getting the best insurance for the domestic helper can be very confusing especially if you are buying it for the first time. Not only that you will be dealing with a total stranger at your home and the risk is high if you leave old parents or children in her care and work overseas. Moreover, the plethora of domestic helper insurances makes choosing the right one difficult for you.

Basics of the Maid Insurance

For the maid insurance scheme, there are only 2 durations available in the market insurance- one is a 14-month plan and another is a 26-month plan. If you are a novice buyer and confused, then it is suggested that you go with a 14-month insurance plan first. After that, you can think of buying a 26-month plan which will be cheap and you can get discounts further. Look for best critical illness cover in the maid insurance plan that you are buying.

Classifications of 3-Tiers of Maid Insurance Plans

The Basic Tier

This plan is recommended if you are conscious of your budget and are willing to take extra coverage provided by more expensive insurance plans. The basic plan will cost you S$260 for 26 months policy, which will be around S$10 per month.

The Mid-Tier

This plan offers value for money because it offers huge coverage at a very affordable rate. You should go with this plan. The premiums would cost around S$320 for 26 months policy which will cost you around S$12.30 per month. If your domestic helper who is a foreigner falls sick, or is in hospital and not able to work, then you will be covered for up to S$30 per day in wage compensation. It is a top early critical illness insurance Singapore, and her medical bills will be looked after by the insurance companies.

The Top Tier

It has the widest coverage and pay-outs that are higher. Most of the plans will cost around S$360 for 26 months policy and you will have to pay S$14.40 per month. If you want that theft coverage should be there then choose this policy.

When to Purchase a Maid Insurance

The policy will start 5 days from the date of buying and within 14 days from the date of application. Beginning dates come into 3 categories – New maids’ policy – is when the date at which the maid arrives in Singapore, the policy starts. Renewal maid – it starts one day after your maid’s present work permit expires & transferred maid – the policy begins is on or before the date you apply for a transfer with the ministry of manpower.


Compare the maid insurance plans before buying the policy and check whether the helper has any pre-existing conditions and whether the plan covers the same. Check whether the policy covers dengue fever or malaria as some policies do not cover the same. The outpatient benefit is also important and should be checked. The security bond and covid-19 coverage are also important, check for these two also.