Every Bit of Information About Hawaii Minimum Wage: All In 2023

In 2023, Hawaii’s minimum wage will rise to $12.00. Hawaii’s minimum wage for employees is higher than the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage. There are a few exceptions to Hawaii’s general requirement that the minimum wage be adhered to. Some employees, including those who only get gratuities, students, and those who only work part-time, are exempt from paying taxes. The District of Columbia, Washington State, California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have the highest minimum wages in the US.

The federal minimum wage has not raised since 2009 and is now fixed at $7.25 per hour

Nowadays, a lot of employees want to be paid enough to sustain a minimally acceptable standard of life. In response to increased demand, some state and local governments have approved or are contemplating implementing minimum wage hikes. The present federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour will continue to be in place in the few remaining states without their own minimum wage legislation. So what is the Hawaii minimum wage 2023?

Several states have raised their minimum salaries or allowed future hikes due to state law changes

Due to these continually changing legislative requirements, implementation timetables, and assessment criteria, the minimum wages that are in effect at any one moment may vary dramatically from state to state and area to region. Salary.com carefully monitors all of these little changes so that you don’t have to. A location’s minimum wage may vary as these specified criteria alter, and keeping compliance with the most recent pay levels requires continuous monitoring to ensure that it is maintained. We’ll make every effort to keep you informed about minimum wage increases and ensure that you’re receiving a fair deal in the areas that matter to you the most. Please submit any other information you may have that I may use to study state minimum salaries throughout the US in the next years.

Hawaii’s Minimum Wage has changed throughout time and is expected to change again

In 2023, the federal minimum wage will be higher than the minimum wages in a few other states, the District of Columbia, Washington, California, Connecticut, and others. On October 1, 2022, many increases to the minimum wage came into effect. Several of the states have beginning dates that fall within certain months of the year. You can keep track of the hourly minimum wage in Hawaii by using the image below.

Check out the forthcoming changes to the minimum wage to stay informed about any planned minimum wage hikes or cuts in your region. The tipped minimum wage is the lowest amount an employer may pay bartenders and waitstaff, who often make more than $30 in tips each month. In places where employers are allowed to take a tip credit, the “tipped minimum wage” is much less than the “non-tipped minimum wage.”


Remember that the minimum wage for tipped employees may change based on the location and scale of your company. In certain states, the minimum pay for tipped employees is equal to the state minimum wage. Numerous places around the country implement the federal tipped minimum wage. In certain states and municipalities, the state minimum pay for employees who get tips may be higher than the federal minimum wage. Since the minimum wage for tipped workers may vary from state to state and is often revised, it’s critical to stay up to date on the most recent rates.