Difference Between Student Travel Insurance & Travel Insurance

Many people travel to distant countries, whether it’s to see far-off places on vacation or to look into business chances. Similarly to this, many students go to considerable lengths to obtain their degree from an esteemed overseas institution in order to improve their employment possibilities. There are several travel insurances available, just as there are various reasons to travel overseas. But many young people are still unsure of how student travel insurance abroad differs from regular travel insurance.

Travel Insurance: What Is It?

Given the expensive medical facilities abroad, any illness or accident you experience while vacationing abroad could significantly increase your spending. Select travel insurance from India to protect you and your family from such unplanned costs. The “Pay Per Day” programmes offered take care of issues like lost luggage, flight delays, hospitalisation costs, and third-party damage compensation. With prices based on the number of days, you may cover your travel itinerary. For a one-day meeting in the US, for instance, you could pay less by purchasing travel insurance for just one day rather than four.

What Is Travel Insurance For Students?

The safety of Indian students who are studying in a distant country is a constant worry for parents. The number of students studying abroad is very large. Student travel insurance acts as a buffer during medical emergencies, money troubles, and other situational challenges like lost or stolen luggage. For instance, plans are provided at a reasonable cost that includes accidental passing away, where the nominee is given the insurance sum, medical bill reimbursement in case of hospitalisation due to illness or injury, legal assistance, loss of luggage or a passport, etc.

But how are they different from each other?

As you might have figured by now, travel insurance is designed for individuals who will only be travelling abroad for a little period of time, such as a week or two. However, if the aim is to stay for several months or even years to study, student-specific travel insurance coverage is essential.

A student travel insurance policy also covers the tuition for any time that studies are postponed because of hospitalisation. If the insured person is compelled to stop his studies owing to illness, the loss of a family member, etc., it also reimburses the advance payment. When the policyholder needs to be hospitalised for more than a week (and there are no family members already in the area), it even pays for supporting the trip and stay of one family member. It even covers the expense of the student’s treatment for mental and nervous diseases, including alcoholism and drug abuse, and pays the insured’s remaining tuition fees in the event of the accidental passing away of the insured’s sponsor.

A student travel plan won’t provide coverage for theft- or fire-related loss or damage to items at your house in India, but simpler travel insurance does. The decision is now entirely up to you after having read the differences between the two!   

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